The next big thing in application delivery has arrived. Cloud computing takes infrastructure virtualization to a whole new level, allowing businesses to store data and easily access resources. Cloud computing is cost-effective, seamless, flexible and extremely efficient, making it possible for users to access virtual resources on-demand. Some of the benefits associated with cloud computing include:

  • more efficient delivery of resources
  • lower costs for IT and resource management
  • increased security due to layered data storage protection
  • access to on-demand resources
  • improved access to IT applications through automated features
  • less maintenance, more opportunity for innovation and development
  • integrated service platform that seamlessly unites private and public clouds

Available Cloud Services

Integra Network Services provides a number of different cloud-based services to our clients, designed to help you make your way into the world of cloud computing. Increased control over data protection and infrastructure resources allows us to provide greater management opportunities to our clients, giving you the power to make choices with regard to the development and setup of your private cloud.

Our IT consultants will work closely with you to evaluate your needs and utilize a systematic approach to determine which features and products of cloud computing would work best within your unique business situation. We can set you up with the best in cloud service package options and data protection services, helping you to easily transition and optimize your IT operations.

Hosted Cloud Storage – High security data storage option for IT administrators who are concerned about safety. Using a multilayer approach, our clients have the ability to retain their own on-site data restoration tools, but also have access to quick data recovery through our remote, off-site cloud data storage service.

Private Cloud Storage – If you want complete and total control over your data storage, this is the service for you. Our team of IT specialists will work with you to develop a cloud back-up server that allows you to send site-to-site, store data locally and share data via a private cloud.

In addition to hosted and private cloud storage solutions, Integra Network Services also provides the following cloud services to our clients:

  • data recovery services
  • desktop back-up storage
  • server back-up storage
  • software as a service (SaaS)
  • infrastructure¬†as a service (IaaS)
  • desktop¬†as a service (DaaS)
  • application hosting
  • office 365

Try Our Cloud Services Today
For more information about cloud computing, contact us at 508-482-5510. Our IT consultants will meet with you and evaluate your current IT network solutions to determine how your business could be improved by the implementation of cloud services.