Integra Network Services keeps servers securely backed up in the cloud with our Cloud Server Backup.

Off-site backup is a key consideration for backing up server environments, helping business satisfy compliance needs, avoid catastrophic data loss and downtime.  Businesses today need an easy, automated and cost-effective way to backup servers off-site using cloud services.

With Integra’s Cloud Server Backup, we make backing up your environment to the cloud fast, reliable and affordable.  Business that deploy Integra’s Cloud Server Backup unlock full image off-site backups with multiple recovery options for virtual machines in the event of a disaster.


There are many features associated with Integra’s Cloud Server Backup that make it appealing to businesses today, including:

Image based backup and cloud replication

  • Includes on-site NAS appliance for local copy and redundancy
  • Cloud replication from 500GB to the petabyte-scale
  • Block-level deduplication and compression
  • Incremental-forever backups & configurable (GFS) retention policy
  • Generous cloud storage in 500GB increments per server

Compliant data centers and military-grade encryption

  • SSAE 16 Type II SOC Certified
  • Silent Data Corruption Protection, end-to-end checksums to “tag” data with strongly verifiable identifiers
  • User-owned encryption keys & Data transferred over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted connections
  • Server Side Encryption (SSE), using 128-bit SSL in transit and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at rest

Multiple recovery options

  • Recovery of server data, operating systems, applications and configurations
  • Redundant backups with on-site appliance and cloud storage
  • Granular restoration options for Exchange, Active Directory, SQL and Sharepoint
  • Download Images from the cloud or receive disk shipment of images
  • Disaster Recovery options available by leveraging Integra Network Services (IaaS)

Comprehensive reporting and integrations

  • Backup monitoring and status
  • Custom alerting and notifications
  • Comprehensive usage reports & License key administration



There are some obvious differences between cloud-based data back-up and recovery services compared to more traditional back-up and recovery systems. Here are some of the features, benefits and distinctions that really make a difference for today’s business users:

  • scalability allows for use with small or large customers regardless of location
  • meaning-based data protection, plus encrypted data transfer and storage, all within the safety of the cloud
  • meet compliance requirements such as SOX, GLBA & HIPAA

All in all, cloud-based data back-up and recovery has a lot of features and advantages that are beneficial to today’s business structures. For more information about these services and other cloud-based services offered at Integra Network Services, please contact our IT consultants at 508-482-5510. We can set you up with a consultation and complete an evaluation of your current network structure and show you how cloud computing can make a difference in the way you do business.