Data Backup & Recovery

Another advantage to using cloud computing in your business is having the ability to protect your data within the cloud and effectively manage it within the cloud-based storage grid. All of your data is encrypted and secure, keeping it safe within the cloud for as long as you need it.

These features give Integra Network Services the ability to also automatically back-up critical data for our clients, store it in the cloud and deliver it quickly in the event that it is needed for recovery situations. We are able to deliver your stored data to you regardless of your location to our data center, giving you instant-access to full redundancy.


There are many features associated with cloud-based data back-up and recovery that make it appealing to businesses today, including:

  • quick and easy recovery that allows for an expedited full restoration of your data
  • efficient storage process that uses an embedded data de-duplication to maximize space
  • encrypted data transfer and storage for increased security and protection
  • automatic back-up options available for continuous redundancy and security
  • 24/7 monitoring, administrative management and notification when issues occur
  • optional on-site physical storage available for rapid restore over LAN service
  • round the clock tech support and customer service for operating system and applications for virtual and physical servers


After viewing all of the features that are associated with cloud-based data back-up and recovery services, the benefits are probably obvious, however there are other benefits associated with using this type of system, such as:

  • no more daily back-up administration – it’s all automatic and managed in the cloud
  • no need for costly off-site data storage – it’s all safely stored in the cloud
  • real-time server data capturing for use in back-up and recovery, including data analytics and more
  • all data is securely stored and protected in mirrored, certified data centers


There are some obvious differences between cloud-based data back-up and recovery services compared to more traditional back-up and recovery systems. Here are some of the features, benefits and distinctions that really make a difference for today’s business users:

  • scalability allows for use with small or large customers regardless of location
  • meaning-based data protection, plus encrypted data transfer and storage, all within the safety of the cloud
  • allows for the use of server data for long-term retention and policy management within the cloud
  • open files and databases are safeguarded with built-in protection without having to add third-party add-ons, plugins or tools
  • server data can be collected automatically for any purpose to aid in recovery, compliance and other critical requests

All in all, cloud-based data back-up and recovery has a lot of features and advantages that are beneficial to today’s business structures. For more information about these services and other cloud-based services offered at Integra Network Services, please contact our IT consultants at 508-482-5510. We can set you up with a consultation and complete an evaluation of your current network structure and show you how cloud computing can make a difference in the way you do business.