Desktop & Server

As important as it is to have reliable servers and a secure network as the backbone of your business, it is also important to have PCs that are reliable and stable. It can be difficult to keep up with the daily duties of running a business and remember to stay on top of basic PC maintenance.

One of the services offered by Integra Network Services is the management and maintenance of our client’s desktops and servers. Our proactive approach and automated desktop management system helps our clients to stay up-to-date with all of the latest patches and updates, increasing uptime, reliability and effectiveness across the system.


We Do It All

In addition to managing and maintaining your desktops and servers, Integra also keeps track of important license keys and keeps an inventory of your hardware through our asset inventory and license management service. Software applications and other licensing can be hard to keep track of, so we make it easy and provide our clients with a custom audit report and inventory sheet of all their important hardware and software in the network.


Optimizing Your PCs

Computers that aren’t regularly updated with new versions of browsers, email clients, operating system patches and updates are vulnerable to malware and viruses. These invasions are potentially hazardous to your computer, but also to the entire network as a whole. We work to provide our clients with the latest operating system patches and the most updated security, virus definitions and network anti-virus protection.

Basic PC maintenance is performed after your business hours so it won’t disrupt your employees as they work on computers within the network. We can also schedule desktop management tasks according to your preferred schedule to boost productivity and eliminate potential conflicts.


Back-up and Recovery

We also provide full back-up and recovery services to our clients. We automate this process on a daily basis to ensure that you have a clean and current back-up of your important network data and customer information. This allows us to quickly recover your PCs and your network in the event of a disaster or other emergency. In most cases we can recover your entire system within an hour.

Our desktop and server management services include the following:

  • automated virus definition updates
  • full network anti-virus protection
  • automated patch management for Windows
  • critical updates for operating systems
  • automated back-up and recovery
  • complete inventory of client’s software and hardware
  • auto-detect of new PCs on the network for added security

Streamline the Management Process
To find out more about our desktop & server management services, please contact Integra Network Services at 508-482-5510. In addition to the services mentioned here, we provide a lot of other custom and intuitive services to our clients that can help you streamline the management process and put your focus back on building your business.