In the event that loss of data, applications or files occurs, it is important to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Corrupt hard drives, accidental deletions, server failures and even natural catastrophes can all wreck havoc on your network and negatively impact your business if left unrepaired or unchecked.

Integra Network Services works to protect your network from any permanent data loss, lengthy downtime or other disastrous issues with our preventative strategies and disaster recovery solutions. We customize each plan of action for your unique business needs and budget to ensure you are getting the best protection for your investment.

Planning for Disaster

It might sound like a negative way to look at the world, but planning for IT disaster ahead of time can ultimately save your business time and money in the long run. By establishing a plan of action for your business, you are working proactively to protect your network and recover successfully when trouble strikes.

Our Disaster Recovery team works to create a plan of action for all possible issues and contingencies that are relevant to your particular IT network set-up and business needs. Setting up a written protocol in advance will help your organization to recover quickly with the smallest amount of stress, inconvenience and network downtime possible. Some of the areas that we focus on in our recovery strategy plan include:

  • off-site storage and back-up system
  • archiving services for e-mail and other electronic communications
  • collection and restoration of critical data
  • methods and policies for disaster prevention and network protection
  • thorough assessment risk for resources and databases on the network
  • complete plan of action that includes regular testing and network maintenance

Storage/Back-up Options

In addition to setting you up with a complete Disaster Recovery plan, Integra Network Services also offers our clients access to an off-site storage and back-up system for even more peace of mind. Protecting your valuable data in a secure and safe environment for easy retrieval in the event of an emergency is our top priority. We have developed a complete off-site storage and back-up system that can be used to provide ultimate data protection.

Our team has implemented layers of custom safeguards and back-up solutions that work to protect your data and store it in a worry-free, off-site location. We provide automatic back-ups to help get you back in business following a power loss, fault hardware or other network security issue.

We offer these services to our clients at a very affordable rate, providing reliable security, management, control and recovery at a fraction of what it would cost to hire staff to provide similar services. Our tech support crew is available to monitor and maintain our storage solutions, giving you instant access to your stored data or applications any time of the day or night.

Secure Your Data Today
Call Integra Network Services right now at 508-482-5510 for more information about our Disaster Recovery solutions, off-site back-up storage options and more. Our IT consultants can create a custom, comprehensive solution that will help your network run more efficiently and productively, saving you time, money and stress.

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