Email Archiving

Integra Network Services utilizes cloud filtering to capture and index all of your email communications and attachments in a central repository. We safely preserve all of your communications in our secure data centers, storing it for as long as you need it.

Control Your Communications

All data is completely searchable and secured using a redundant, reliable remotely-located back-up system. Retention rules can be adjusted and applied in order to comply with any policies set at your organization. Message holds can also be applied to preserve any specified emails on a case-by-case basis.

Search results can be exported using PST or MBOX formats. Archives can be searched using the following criteria as well as other parameters:

  • by sender
  • by recipient
  • by subject line
  • by body content
  • by attachments
  • by date range

Scalability Makes It Easy

Email communications can be stored virtually for small, medium or large-sized clients in unlimited amounts. The structure of this environment allows for scalability without having to add any extra hardware or software.

Secure and Trusted

Integra Network Services has added many layers of security features to enhance the safety of your email communications, establishing a secure network environment. Anti-virus filters, anti-spam utilities, encryption tools and content policies all work together to protect your data.

Maintenence Free

Because this cloud-based system does not require any additional hardware or software installations, it can be easily managed through a very easy-to-use web interface. Integra monitors and audits our client’s archives around the clock, creating a worry-free solution.

Get Better Email Achiving Today
Integra Network Services can help you expand your organization’s email archiving capabilities to create a more secure network environment. Contact our IT consultants at 508-482-5510 for more information or to set up an appointment for a consultation.