Email Spam / Virus Filtering

The structure of our cloud computing network allows for the blocking of email borne threats, such as viruses or spam, in real-time to improve communication delivery and reduce the potential for downtime. Cloud filtering and security can enhance and protect your email communications better than traditional email filtering programs.

Cloud filtering keeps networks safe by working proactively to stop viruses, spam, harvest attacks, denial of service, phishing and other damaging attacks from ever reaching your network. This comprehensive security process allows for filtering without disruptions to your email communications, message loss or other issues.

Total Control

Take total control over your email communications with cloud filtering for email spam and virus protection. Define and set usage policies for your email within your organization to ensure best practices are being used and as a means of adhering to legislation compliance.

You have the ability to apply unique policies to specific individuals or groups of employees based upon their role within your organization. These features make it easy to adapt to various policy changes and administer them through an easy-to-use management interface.

Better Security

Cloud filtering also gives you the ability to protect sensitive communications about secure matters, such as personal content and data or financial information. This is accomplished using standard TLS or SSL protocols for better, more comprehensive security.

The structure of our system allows for 100% virus protection on a global scale. What this means is that we securely filter, process and deliver billions of communications transactions each day, safely and securely.

Our security tools work with your existing email system, removing the need to add any new software or hardware to your network. Automated updates are included with your service. No additional fees or actions are required on your part.

Take Control of Your Email
Cloud filtering of email spam and virus protection can save you a lot of time and money, offering unique advantages not found in traditional filtering and security services. For more information on how these services can work for you and your business, contact Integra Network Services at 508-482-5510.