EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

Integra Network Services offers a full service clinical application support for electronic medical record systems or EMR systems, as they are known in the healthcare industry. We provide a top-notch level of IT support for all of our clients, however we understand that it is even more critical and imperative to offer our absolute best services to our clients that work in a healthcare environment.

Stable, cutting-edge, reliable network solutions are required for all sizes of medical practices these days. Establishing a solid network infrastructure that can is powerful, yet flexible enough, to meet the demands of a constantly-changing industry can be challenging. However, Integra has many years of experience working with clients in the healthcare industry and we have the tools, the technology and the know-how to develop custom healthcare IT solutions that will far exceed your expectations.

Some of the services we supply to healthcare facilities include:

  • custom network development and configuration
  • EMR system implementation
  • hardware installation
  • software installation and updates
  • clinical application resources

Beyond Installation

Once your EMR System has been installed and integrated into your healthcare network, what’s your next move? It is important to have a well thought out plan of action that will help you to optimize your workflow and maximize the functions of your network. Some of the additional services that we provide to our healthcare IT clients who use EMR include:

  • consultation, procurement and installation of software for your practice
  • dedicated tech support and customer service for round the clock assistance with your network

Top-notch Support

When you work in the healthcare industry it is important to have top quality IT support with technicians that understand your specific needs and concerns. Because healthcare providers deal with sensitive information, such as medical information and other data that requires security to protect the privacy of patients, they need a network and support team that will help them to expand and grow to keep up with changes in the industry.

Integra Network Services has an extensive background in the healthcare industry. We have managed IT solutions for healthcare organizations for many years and can help you from the initial system installation and beyond, providing a wide range of solutions and network support. We know the importance of having Clinical Application resources available to our clients that run large medical practices and hospitals. However, we also understand that smaller practices won’t necessarily need to have access to the same solutions.

Managed Healthcare IT Solutions

Give us a call today at 508-482-5510 for more information about our full spectrum of managed healthcare IT solutions. Integra Network Services has extensive experience working with healthcare organizations and can create a custom network solution that will exceed your expectations.