Healthcare IT

Healthcare ITIntegra Network Services provides custom managed services to healthcare organizations. We offer a unique combination of advanced and intuitive solutions designed to help healthcare businesses more efficiently manage their technology systems.

We start by completing an overall assessment and evaluation of your current healthcare IT network, work with your staff to gain an understanding of the operational and support you require and then design a custom system that will be powerful and flexible enough to meet your long-term demands. Our remote management, help desk services and on-site tech support are all under one roof, giving our clients access to a full team of qualified, experienced staff members who all work to monitor, manage and maintain your network.

Solutions That Work

Integra has worked with many different healthcare IT networks over the years, gaining valuable insight and experience working with various organizations, structures and delivery networks. We have worked with physician organizations, payers, hospitals and individual physician practices and can create a custom solution to suit your unique needs. We offer a combination of the following services to our healthcare IT clients in order to provide a complete network solution:

  • IT Consultation – Meet with our professional IT consultants to develop a strategic plan of action for your healthcare IT network.
  • Management – We offer a wide variety of program management tools, solutions and services designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large-sized healthcare IT clients.
  • Custom Design – Our team will help design a custom healthcare IT solution for your organization that will satisfy all of your needs and exceed your expectations.
  • Additional Services – Integra offers many additional services that are beneficial to healthcare organizations. We can add any of these extra services on to your custom IT solution at any time.

Experience You Can Count On

Integra Network Services currently serves thousands of healthcare IT clients each and every day all across the nation. The experience we have gained in working with these organizations has helped us to provide top-notch healthcare IT solutions to new clients and our continued work in this area helps us to stay on top of new technology trends and industry issues.

We fully integrate our managed services solutions in with our healthcare IT experience and knowledge to create a flexible and powerful network for your organization. In order to accommodate all of our clients, both large and small, we have devised a three-tier service model to provide faster, more affordable support services. The idea is to pair the right solution with each customer’s needs to deliver professional support in a timely manner.

Tier One Service
The first level in our three-tier support service is our Service Desk. This is our IT “triage” of sorts, allowing us to identify the level of our clients’ needs and get them to the appropriate support personnel in order to provide the best service. There’s no need to contact different agents at different levels of service, as our tier one Service Desk is your single point of contact that will escalate your support request as-needed.

Tier Two Service
The second level of support service is our Remote Service solution. In most cases our professional IT staff can solve all of your networking problems from a remote location, expediting your repairs without having to wait for a technician to arrive.

Tier Three Service
The third level of support service is our on-site service. Some instances require our staff to come out to your location to make adjustments or repairs. One of our professional IT consultants will arrive at your office as soon as possible to get your network back on track.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring Services

Integra Network Services will monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. In most cases we are able to spot a technology issue before a problem even occurs, helping you to provide a consistent level of service and care to your patients and clients.

Our monitoring services measure specific indicators such as resource utilization, bandwidth consumption and other areas that could signal potential issues. We will communicate with you directly to resolve these issues or to advise you of problems that we repaired outside of regular business hours.

Managed Healthcare IT Solutions
Give us a call today at 508-482-5510 for more information about our full spectrum of managed healthcare IT solutions. Integra Network Services has extensive experience working with healthcare organizations and can create a custom network solution that will exceed your expectations.