IT Assessments

How often do you give your IT network a thorough check-up? Despite the fact that a network is the backbone of most businesses, the idea of assessing, monitoring and maintaining the network very often falls by the wayside. There are just so many other distractions involved in the day to day operations of running a business that the attitude of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” tends to take hold.

How many different areas of your business are controlled by your IT network? Inventory control, accounting, customer records, statistics, email – the list goes on and on. It is important to ensure that your IT network is operating efficiently at its full potential. You need to be proactive in order to ensure that your network will be able to accommodate all of your needs as your business grows and expands.

Thinking of adding something new to your business portfolio? Every new thing you layer into your business solutions or offerings adds increased traffic to the network. If you don’t know how well your IT network is currently running, you won’t know whether or not it can handle the additional load.

Integra Network Services to the Rescue

Our IT Assessments services will help you to determine how efficiently your current network set-up is operating now and can give you recommendations on how to better prepare it for the future. To accomplish this we focus on two distinct areas: a total network survey and an overall network readiness assessment.

Our total network survey works to establish a very secure network that is designed to prioritize your unique needs and overcome any vulnerabilities that come with your particular business or industry. We provide our clients with a full review and follow up with a list of recommendations that can help to improve security in the following areas:

  • network security
  • wireless Internet security
  • virus protection
  • business continuity
  • disaster recovery
  • security awareness
  • update and patch management

Our network readiness assessment works to evaluate your network’s ability to implement new types of media without impeding your current flow of business. Voice, video, audio and other advanced applications are now becoming an integral part of doing business in today’s market. Assessing your network in advance will be critical to the success of your overall business operation, helping you to avoid potential service problems, time delays, network downtime and other costly issues. An overall network readiness assessment can help you to:

  • deploy new content and solutions more effectively
  • prevent emergency network upgrades
  • determine how much bandwidth specific applications are consuming
  • identify potential conflicts or problems prior to adding new applications
  • prioritize critical applications to ensure proper implementation on the network
  • review professional recommendations for the future of your network

Stay on Top of Your Network
Integra Network Services can help you stay on top of your network, provide you with all of the assessment tools and solutions necessary to advance your business and keep it all running smoothly behind the scenes without missing a beat. Give our IT consultants a call today at 508-482-5510 to set up an appointment for a network evaluation or for more information about the services we provide.