Planning for IT Disasters in New England

IT Disaster Preparation - MassachusettsIn a world that is heavily dependent on technology for its daily operations, it is important to realize that IT disasters are a fact of life. One thing that many business owners realize is that it’s not the IT disasters themselves that can shut down and ruin a business, it’s not being properly prepared for them ahead of time. This article will focus on identifying why your business needs an IT disaster recovery plan and what you can do to get one created that will cover all of the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

IT Disasters in New England

There are a lot of things that can cause an IT disaster. Whether man-made of from nature itself, there are potential disasters lurking around every corner. It is important to know about potential IT disasters in New England and learn to identify the issues that could negatively impact your business. Once you can identify these potential disasters, you can establish a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan that includes an off-site storage and back-up system, network maintenance and testing and other preventative and recovery solutions.

There are two basic type of disasters to be aware of – internal and external. Internal IT disasters are specific to your particular organization or within your industry as a whole. External IT disasters are things that happen to the community at large, beyond your organization and industry, affecting others within the New England area and, quite possibly, beyond.

INTERNAL DISASTERS – On-site equipment failures is an example of an internal IT disaster. These can happen anytime, anywhere and to any type of business. If you work in an older building you may have to contend with malfunctions to air conditioners, plumbing and other issues that could potentially affect your day to day operations. Again, it is important to consider all of these possible IT disasters to be better prepared to bounce back from them when, and if, they occur.

EXTERNAL DISASTERS – A natural disaster is one example of an external IT disaster. New England is subject to extreme weather conditions not faced by businesses in other parts of the country. Knowing what to expect from the seasons, and planning for them ahead of time, can help you to be properly prepared for an external IT disaster.

IT disasters happen every day all across the country, in every industry to both small and large businesses alike. The only thing that separates a business that can overcome them and get back online and fully operational within hours or days compared to a business that completely goes under is proper preparation.

Do You Need an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

Whether your business is located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire or anywhere else in the New England area, chances are you need an IT disaster recovery plan that is custom designed for your unique needs. In fact, regardless of where your company is located and you answer YES to any of the questions below, you need to get an IT disaster recovery plan in action ASAP:

Question #1 – Would a technology disaster impact your company’s financial standing significantly?

Question #2 – Is your business becoming more and more dependent on sales, operations and employee tracking systems that are monitored and managed via computer?

Question #3 – Do your vendors and/or employees use the your company’s technology infrastructure for any reason?

Question #4 – Is your company more at risk for system security failures and other issues due to an increase in equipment and users?

How to Develop an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Now that you have identified the potential hazards for IT disasters in New England and understand the reasons why having an IT disaster recovery plan is so important, it’s time to get to the planning. Many companies don’t even know where to start, which is why leading IT network management services, such as Integra Network Services out of Milford, Massachusetts, have become so valuable in IT disaster planning.

Integra has a Disaster Recovery Team that works together with you and your staff to establish an IT disaster recovery plan that accounts for every possible internal and external IT disaster and creates contingencies that are relevant to your network set-up and business needs. The team will help you set up a written protocol in advance that can be used to help your organization recover quickly with the minimum amount of network downtime, inconvenience and stress possible.

Some of the essential areas that Integra Network Services focuses on include:

  • creating an off-site storage and back-up system for your network
  • archiving services for all electronic communications
  • collecting and restoring criticial data within the network
  • establishing policies and methods for network protection and disaster prevention
  • conducting an assessment risk for all databases and resources on the network
  • setting up a complete plan of action that includes network maintenance and testing

Call Integra Network Services today at 508-482-5510 for more information about our Disaster Recovery solutions, off-site back-up storage options and more. Serving clients in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and all over the New England area, our IT consultants can create a custom, comprehensive solution that will help your network run more efficiently and productively, saving you time, money and stress.