Remote Monitoring

Integra Network Services offers our clients above and beyond the services you would receive with a typical on-site support staff.  Our monitoring services run 24/7 to manage and maintain your network via a powerful Cloud service that works to effectively monitor the most critical functions of your network.

Our remote network monitoring services are proactive, meaning that our goal is to identify any issues within your system before they create a problem. This approach helps our clients to save the time and money that network downtime would ultimately cost.

Monitoring Services

Our team works to remotely monitor your network via a Cloud-based system that can be configured to keep track of all your important systems. These services include the monitoring of routers, email services, back-up applications, virus detection, firewall services, available disk space and much more.

Once a problem is detected, our IT support center is automatically alerted so we can fix it right away. Our staff will correct the problem immediately and then inform you of the issue right away or the next day, depending on your specified preferences for contact.

The Remote Monitoring Services at Integra Network Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We monitor your system all hours of the night, on weekends and on holidays.

Some of the benefits associated with our remote monitoring services include:

  • Network status information access via our interactive web-based portal.
  • 24/7 monitoring and management plan that sends trouble alerts to our support center.
  • Continuous monitoring of all systems, including firewall, Internet connections, email services and other network applications.
  • Early detection of issues for quick repair to avoid larger issues.
  • All services included in one simple monthly invoice with option for electronic delivery.

Full Service Monitoring and Management
To set up an appointment to meet with our IT consulting team and find out more about our remote network monitoring services and solutions, call Integra Network Services at 508-482-5510. We will help develop a full service monitoring and management plan that will address your specific business needs.