One area where businesses need to invest more in is network security. Due to the inherent risks that come with doing business today, security is an ever-changing business that needs to be flexible, defensive and ready to adapt in order to properly protect your network. Businesses need to get serious about outsourcing a managed network service provider that can take care of all your network security needs. Integra Network Services has years of experience working with high-risk, high-security clients and can implement a custom security system for your network that will protect your data and your business.

Some of the threats that today’s business owners need to be aware of include:

  • Viruses – Applications that attach themselves to programs that are commonly used in business. Viruses are designed to hide and replicate themselves, actively infecting and affecting a network every time the infected program is open.
  • Trojans – Bits of malicious code that attach themselves to programs, applications, apps and other downloadable items. Typically transferred to a network through the download of a free trial program or other widely-used application, automatically uploading themselves onto the user’s computer. Trojans are extremely dangerous because they are programmed to evade even the most widely-used security programs.
  • Rookits – Programs used by hackers to allow hidden intrusion into a computer or IT environment as a means of gaining admin-level access to your network.
  • Hackers – A person that accesses any computer system or network maliciously with the intent of causing damage or stealing data.
  • Worms – Applications that are “IT aware,” meaning they have the ability to spread through an entire network, infecting the entire system. They do not need to attach themselves to a program to spread throughout your environment and are also self-replicating.
  • Spyware – Collects personal, business or financial data from a computer. Considered to be malware and very dangerous once loaded onto your network.
  • Spam – Email that is unsolicited or unwanted. Basically virtual “junk” mail.

The Importance of Security

If you haven’t realized already, these security risks are a threat to your business because they can damage your computers, cause you to share viruses or other malware with your customers, affect your network and can even cause you to lose money. The security of your data should not only be important to you, in some cases it is required.

New laws, policies and regulations are being implemented by government entities that require businesses to protect consumer and corporate data that is stored within their networks. It’s not just good business, now it’s the law. You need to make sure to develop a comprehensive network security system that will protect your entire network and the data you store on it.

Security: Developing a Custom Plan of Action

Each business has its own unique attributes that create different concerns from other organizations. Our IT consultants will meet with you to develop a custom plan of action for your network security that will address all of your concerns and needs. We have a three-point plan that works to establish a security program that effectively covers all the bases.

Step One – Create an Acceptable Usage Policy
Policies are a great way to set rules for the use of your network, establishing boundaries of what is allowed and what is prohibited actions by users and employees on your business network. Using an Acceptable Usage Policy removes any excuse or doubts about activities that could negatively impact your IT network or your business.

Step Two – Establish a Line of Defense
Companies that layer in various levels of security, utilizing multiple products and solutions throughout different areas of the network, have the highest level of defense. The more methods used to prevent security breaches and attacks from affecting your data and networking abilities, the better. Layering helps to overlap various protections to provide even more security for your IT network environment.

Step Three – Perform Regular Risk Assessment
It is very important to regularly evaluate any threats that are posed against your network or business. This includes looking over various business assets, clients, partners and data to ensure that you are fully protected. We analyze your IT security risks as a means of providing our security team with the tools necessary to proactively protect your network and prevent security breaches and attacks.

Protect Your Network Today
For more information about protecting your network with a comprehensive network security system, please call Integra Network Services at 508-482-5510. We can create a custom solution that will protect your network to effectively safeguard your sensitive data and your business.