There are many advantages to using the efficient and extremely cost-effective 3CX Phone System, now available through Integra Network Services.

Our clients can enjoy access to a truly powerful Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system that includes features that will help make your business much more efficient, while saving money over traditional landline phone costs each month.

Leading organizations all across the country and around the world are using the 3CX Phone System. Some of those organizations include Ohio State University, Boeing, RE/MAX and MIT, just to name a few.

How It Works

The 3CX Phone System utilizes what is known as an open standard unified communications platform that was designed for Windows. It works via standard VoIP lines, replacing the need for a proprietary PBX. The 3CX Phone System is much more manageable than your old system, providing much more manageability and options that can boost productivity within your organization. In fact, since its launch 3CX has received a listing as a CRN 2011 Emerging Vendor, has earned Windows Server Certification and numerous other awards.

Available Features

VoIP - 3CX Phone SystemSome of the features that are available through the 3CX Phone System include:

    • Call forwarding from your office phone to your mobile just by pressing a single button.

The option to receive a voice mail in text form via email as soon as it is received.

  • Faxes that are sent to the office can be received remotely via email.
  • Video call option to be used within the 3CX phone system with the press of a single button.
  • The ability to work at home or remotely from anywhere because the phone is an extension off the main system, allowing you to place and receive calls from anywhere.
  • The system saves you money by eliminating the need for recurring line charges from the local phone company and contains by additional features that can be enabled with the press of a single button.

Seamless Integration

The 3CX IP Windows Based IP solution available through Integra Network Services is an extremely user-friendly system filled with features designed to expedite the flow of incoming and outgoing telephony traffic, the efficiency of total call flow handling, message taking and distribution, as well as to increase the ongoing flow of internal communication within your organization. Our long-term goal is to enhance our client’s growth objectives through the seamless integration of the technologies necessary to completely support their business operations.

It is our belief that the 3CX Phone System has the ability to meet and exceed our client’s criteria because it focuses on the essential areas of IP-based Voice and Data capabilities and Intelligent Network Infrastructure. It can also meet and exceed our client’s needs for Support for Open System Standards, Voice Messaging, Experience and Vision, Systems Administration, Leading Edge Technology, Scalability and Support Capabilities.

For more information on Integra’s 3CX IP Windows Based IP solution options and opportunities for your business, give us a call at 508-482-5510.