What is Application Hosting and why do you need it?

Cloud server hositng conceptIf you have a smartphone, then you have most likely downloaded an app. You’ve also used apps on your computer through websites, such as Facebook. What you may not realize is that that app has to be hosted somewhere in order for it to be available to you. Basically what this hosting does is make the application available from a remote cloud infrastructure that is accessed through the Internet.

Application Hosting Defined

So what is application hosting? It is a type of hosting that uses an ASP mode, which is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software.” Another name it uses is “software as a service,” or SaaS.

There are different provider types. They are:

  • A vertical market ASP – Delivers a solution package for a specific type of customer, such as a doctor’s office
  • A functional or specialist ASP – Delivers a single application, such as the processing of credit card payments.
  • Enterprise ASP – Delivery of broad spectrum solutions.
  • Local ASP – Small business services may be delivered within a small area.
  • Volume ASP – A specialist ASP may offer a package low cost solution through their own website. PayPal is the perfect example of this type of service

What many individuals do not realize is that much of what they do on the Internet involves applications. In order to ensure uptime, the companies that have hosted applications have to use the best app hosting because reliable application hosting ensures customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Application Hosting

There are a number of benefits of application hosting, such as the reduced cost. Instant deployment is a second with easy maintenance and reduced administration being the third and fourth benefits. Here are the benefits more in-depth:

  • Low maintenance – when applications are hosted, the software and hardware are the vendor’s responsibility with the client only having to maintain the Internet access. There is no software to have to download, making the application available instantly.
  • Affordable – Because there is no need to license software on a “per concurrent user,” “per server,” “per site,” or “per use’ basis, the cost is reduced a great deal. There are some applications that still charge “per user,” but many have worked to reduce cost so that a customer doesn’t have to estimate how many licenses they may need or pay for full licenses that may only be used by a few people.
  • Very little risk – The risk is little due to there being no long-term commitment from the customer. New customers can typically test a new hosted application through a pay-as-you-go model or through a free trial model. If a customer finds that the application is not what they need, they can stop using the service.
  • Easy-to-access – Because the data and application software is stored on an Internet server and the data is available to the authorized user once they are logged in, accessing the application is not a problem. People can work from anywhere.
  • Easy integration – Organizations using legacy systems from varying suppliers will benefit from hosted applications because hosted applications provide an integrated solution to any system using the typical Internet browser on a Windows PC, MAC, or Unix.
  • Support – Hosted applications benefit customers because of the support that is provided. Plus, new updates tend to be installed centrally so that there is no need to keep track of version numbers. The need for version numbers has been completely eliminated in many cases.

In short, the benefits include no vendor installation or upgrades, low costs, hardly any risk, no long-term commitment, the vendor takes care of backups and viruses, there is no need to maintain hardware and software, the investment in local software and hardware is reduced, no need for data to be synchronized with multiple devices, access is global, and the software licensing costs are reduced.

The catch is that there does have to be Internet availability. Because the applications are based on having some kind of Internet connection, they will not operate without it. But with the availability of broadband Internet and the fact that it can be connected at all times other than when a rare outage occurs, the fact that the best app hosting is reliable application hosting can shine through every single day.

Application hosting comes with a great new benefits. To learn about how application hosting can help you, call Integra Network solutions at 508-482-5510 or fill out the contact form today.